Dr. Joel Penis Pump & Scrotum System

Dr. Joel Penis Pump & Scrotum System

Dr. Joel Penis Pump & Scrotum SystemDescription: The Dr. Joel Penis Pump & Scrotum System has produced “unbelievable results” and promotes the lengthening, thickening, and stamina of the penis, as well as an increase in orgasmic frequency and intensity. This device has the following features: heavy duty vacuum pump with EZ-Grip padded handles; professional, industrial grade pressure gauge; universal quick disconnect valve; non-crimping hose; and a hygienically superior, tapered silicone sleeve for a secure vacuum seal. The durable plastic cylinder measures three and one quarter inches in width.
Manufacturer: California Exotic

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  1. I love all of Dr joels products and this one looks like it will do the job like it says, have yo uheard any feedback on this particular penis pump?

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