Hot Shots Stroker Pump – Vagina

Hot Shots Stroker Pump – Vagina

Hot Shots Stroker Pump - VaginaDescription: Enjoy exciting sexual stimulation while achieving penile growth. Stroker action produces powerful vacuum and suction. Use alone or with a partner. Masturbation excitement-fun and easy. Powerful erections. Interchangeable penis accessories for stimulation. Pump measures 12 inches in length and has a circumference of 2½ inches.
Manufacturer: Topco

2 thoughts on “Hot Shots Stroker Pump – Vagina”

  1. This is the worst penis pump I could ever imagine using. The entire pump on the top broke off within less than 30 seconds of use. It now requires 3 hands to operate (pump, hold the pump on, seal vacuum hole).

    Plus the “warranty” only applys for half of the states in the US. It also requires you pay shipping costs and include a check for $12 before they will consider fixing it. The warranty also says it will not repair the product for : misuse, accident, unauthorized repair or alteration, acts of God. So basically they have every right to refuse repairing it.

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